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Bollywood Star loses almost 5 stones with Celebrity Personal Trainer!


Damon Mahl Before After 12 Weeks Damon Mahl Now


Pictured above are the incredible Before and After Pictures of Bangrah Music Star Damon Mahl. He has already had a Number One album in India but hit a red light recently when a Bollywood Style music video was proposed to accompany his new album due out this year. It seems that in an increasingly ‘Westernised’ Bombay, having a great voice alone just doesn’t cut it. In an ever increasingly competitive industry like music, what you look like matters. It may not be fair or just but it’s true. Where did he turn to shape up but THE Celebrity Trainer, Rob Blakeman. www.robblakeman.com


He has managed to lose several stones and look fantastically different up in just 12 weeks in the gym. I think you’ll agree the change is startling. Now his video director who last saw him in 2009 can't believe his eyes! And guess what? He’s singing better than ever! Isn’t that interesting?


Also below is the trailer for hs new Bollywood project. Looks like the man who is now several sizes smaller is going to be a BIG star!


YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzzy9Z4WDfo 







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Listen to Daman Mahl's BBC radio interview here:

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